The Beauty of Being Free💕

✨Well hey there beauties!!🥰✨

✨💃🏾 I LOVE being myself!!💃🏾✨

I find solace in being free in all areas of my life. From what I wear to how I talk... I truly enjoy being unapologetically, creatively, undeniably, incredibly, officially CAMILLE

I've learned over the years that, if someone or something in your life is restricting you, constricting you or trying to dim you light... remove them/it!! That light inside of you has purpose. It has meaning. It can help the next women recognize her light so she can shine bright as well!! Dim it for no one! You were created uniquely, so live it, love it, rock it and be FREE. 

Wearing my "✨SHE SHINES✨" Earrings takes me to that same place of freedom and fun, with beauty and glamour all at the same time! They‘re perfect with a casual look, formal look and anything in between!!!

Take some time today to think about what things in your life make you feel the most free!!

Do you love Being YOU?! If not, you definitely should, sis❤️!!


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