✨Thanks Kam!✨

So, I waited until after the election results to blog on purpose!! I wanted to see how this would pan out and baby......

The past week seemed to be the longest I’ve ever experienced!! Watching numbers go up, down, then up again...but boy was it worth it!!

When I finally got word that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won, I almost shed a tear! I was so thankful, so happy, so marveled at how we came together as a country, as a community, and made it happen! Over the past 4 years so much hate has been spread, dividing us as a people... as a nation! Now hopefully we can come back together, work together, loving and accepting one another as we should! We are one!

So, we now have, not only the first woman Vice President, but a beautiful, black queen as Vice President of the United States!!! Can we say, ✨HERstory✨ has been made!?! Kamala is so regal and gorgeous in her soft curls and badass power suits!

Whether it’s for court, church or work, you should always have that “get s*** done” suit in your collection for when you need to let them know you mean business and didn’t come to play!

My power suit is a sleek, tailored black, wide legged suit. It’s absolutely perfect! I’ve had it for 1 1/2 years and only pull it out When I am ready for war and about to win a victory!! When I wear it I be feeling my damn self!!😌♥️🔥

My question to you is, do you have a power suit in your wardrobe? If so, describe it and why you went with that one?



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