✨💥♥️GIRL TIME!!♥️💥✨

It’s Friday yall, which means if you don’t have plans you better get some, baby!! There is nothing like getting together with your girlfriends, having a drink, laughing, making memories and kee-keeing about this roller-coaster we call life! For a few hours you can let your hair down and just focus on YOU! How Nice!!! Of course, you better make sure you are looking stunning while doing so!! I know I cannot wait to see my girls tonight and chat about our optimism of great things to come and the endless possibilities of happiness and hopefulness! “Girl, in 2021 imma……lol”

Making memories with my friends is something I have always been super passionate about and something I hold dear to my heart.

Life is a beautiful thing, and I pray you do not take it for granted! So, live it up! Call that friend, text your sister. Let your husband know he has the kids tonight! Make those plans. Tonight, look good, smell good, eat good and live good! God is good! Life is fabulous and fun-filled!

As for me, tonight I will be rocking a cute cut, my high heels, a black sheer top and my “Glitz Girl” earrings which make my hazel eyes POP!! Get your pair NOW at ChicbyCamille.com and stunt on ‘em!!

My question to you is, what are you going to do this weekend that is all about you? What will you do to make you happy? How will you take care of yourself? 

Let me know!!



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