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Happy Monday Posse!!

I can’t believe 2020 has gone by so fast! Thanksgiving is literally here, y’all! Things will be so different this year, but I still intend to make each and every second count when spending time with my family. Plus, I love any and every opportunity to get dressed up and go all out on a look!!! Even if the event is in my living room! 😌 Lol So what, child!!

I am and always will be a walking billboard! Not because I really have a reason or I think I’m better than anyone, but just because it makes me feel good! They say “do what feels good,” so I do! Self care is always numero uno for me! I can’t be the best version of myself for others if I don’t take care of Camille first. It’s what keeps me going! It gives me something to always look forward to, which is important in times like these! And honey I don’t slack on ME! I love me too much, and you should love you too! 😘

Anyways, for Thanksgiving this year I want to switch it up a bit. Usually I just throw on something comfortable, easy and chill. This year I want to step it up and drop in some silver and stones. I think I’ll combine my colorful, festive A-line dress, my designed tights and my ‘Diamond Gal’ earrings to give me that regal effect!

I hope you join me! This year, go the extra mile! Don’t just slave in the kitchen, look beautiful doing it! Feel pretty! Add some blush...a little mascara! Pop out on them, honey! Throw that cute skirt on with those heels! Whether you’re staying home or going to someone else’s house, (social distancing of course) make sure you pull those cute clothes out of the closet... your wardrobe misses you!

Happy holidays to you and your beautiful families! God bless!


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