🎉Celebrate YOU, Boo!🎉

✨🎉Happy July my loving and loyal


Welcome to Chic By Camille!!💕

When I think about the name of my company, I think about what it means to me and why I chose it. I chose the name ✨Chic By Camille✨ because I wanted to highlight everything that's CHIC in EVERY woman!!!

Chic, by definition means...elegantly and stylishly fashionable. There is elegance, style and fashion in every woman, that is uniquely hers!!! Together with Chic by Camille, we are going to celebrate our personalities, figures, strengths, experiences, differences, similarities, confidence, attitudes, style and grace. Basically our BADASS-ness 😎🔥!!

My wish for all women is for them to love themselves, from the top of their heads, to the soles of your feet!!! So today take the time to love yourself, care for yourself and appreciate yourself! Celebrate your best ✨Chic✨ quality!!!!

Ask yourself, what is my best Chic quality!?



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