😍Better Than The Joneses😍

Hey babes!! 🥰😆 Ok so, recently I was doing a virtual consultation with a client who expressed to me that she was trying to find herself again and felt as though she was “ behind” in life compared to others around her. Her friends had great careers, husbands, children, cars, houses, etc. and she felt alone and like she had nothing.

I was taken aback for a second because that was not what I saw. What I was looking at on my computer screen was a beautiful young lady with her whole life ahead of her, who just needed a plan. I did NOT see someone who had “failed” at life! It broke my heart hearing her compare her accomplishments (which were great in themselves and more than many others had accomplished) to other people around her, not knowing their struggle to get there. My advise to her and other woman was/is...it’s fine to use others as inspiration, not comparison. I told her to be grateful for her blessings and that she needed to redirect her focus BIG TIME!!

My advise to you is the same. If you find yourself in a rut looking at others around you, it’s time to focus on your own gotta-dos want- to-dos and need-to-dos. Your journey is unique. Be patient with yourself. With persistence, dedication and commitment you will attain your goals. That degree is closer than you think, that goal weight is right around the corner. You’re almost finish writing that book, your child is getting more and more independent everyday. Your prayers are being heard, your life is changing, your finances will increase and you will find true love. Stop worrying about what others are doing and focus on your own to-do list.

Don’t pressure yourself to keep up with the Joneses, make them keep up with you, babe!! You have the power to navigate your own destiny! Sometimes it’s as simple as facing yourself in the mirror, marveling at your own beautiful, unique features and qualities, pouring words of affirmation into yourself.

Words I love to speak over myself is “She Shines.” Just two simple words motivate me to get up, face the world and continue on my journey to greatness. That’s why I named these gorgeous earrings ‘She Shines’.

What do you do to get yourself back to center and refocused? What words of affirmation do you pour into yourself? What motivates you to do better, be better, love better?

Let me know!



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